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Illustration of Dangerous Lilly wearing goggles and holding a dildo to a Bunsen burner. A glowing jar full of sex toys labeled 'Toxic' sits on the table near her

Dangerous Lilly

Sex Toy Reviewer & Educator

Lilly is the biggest inspiration for the For Novelty Use Only zine. She reviews sex toys, developed the melt test and popularized the flame test, and has a list of non-toxic toy providers. on her blog, Dangerous Lilly.

BadVibes logo of a vibe with lightning bolts


Sex Toy Research Organization

BadVibes is a research project created by Minneapolis sex shop SmittenKitten. Their lab analysis reavealed that many toys are not made of the materials advertised. You can read their master report here.

Annie Sprinkle wearing a lab coat and goggles, holding a clipboard holding an illustration of the vulva and smiling

Annie Sprinkle

Sexologist & Filmmaker

Annie Sprinkle is a sex educator, filmmaker, and the first porn star to earn a PhD in Sexology. She and her partner Beth Stephens explore ecosexuality in their film, Water Makes Us Wet.

Tantus logo, pride rainbow


Body-Safe Sex Toy Company

Tantus is a well-loved sex toy company dedicated to providing body-safe toys and kink materials. Their toys are made of hand-poured 100% Ultra-Premium silicone.

As You Like It logo

As You Like It

Eco-Friendly Sex Shop

As You Like It is the world's first eco-friendly sex shop located in Eugene, OR. This woman-owned store is stocked with eco-friendly gender-affirmation tools, handmade kink accessories, and non-disposable sex products.

Mutual Aid Lube, pink and cyan

Mutual Aid Lube

Communist Fisting Lubricant

Mutual Aid Lube is a sexual lubricant company with a communist agenda. All proceeds from their lube go to mutual aid funds, with every purchase erasing $100 of medical debt through RIP Medical Debt's "Reviving Appalachia" program.


Background research that informed the zine

Purple gloves holding a pink agar plate with bacteria swabbed on it next to two crossed cotton swabs

Sex Toy Recycling

How To Dispose of Old or Toxic Sex Toys

So you found out you have a toxic toy. Now what? You have several options: you could choose to only use the toy with a condom, being extra careful to wash it often and not let it come in contact with your body. Or you could look into responsibly disposing of your toy.

If your toy is made of 100% silicone but just isn't for you (it happens! toys turn out to be too big, too small, or not suited to your/your partner's body all the time), look into attending a sex toy swap or returning it through a sex toy recycling program. Swapping toys is safe given that all parties have boiled and sanitized their objects, and recycling of 100% silicone materials is common practice among eco-friendly sex toy companies. Contact your local sex shop for information on what options are available to you.

Your last and perhaps most appealing option is to ship your sex toy in for recycling and credit! You can do this at Scarlet Girl, Eden Fantasys, or Forbidden Obsession UK for in-store credit towards a new toy, or you can send your sex toy to LoveHoney as one of their many pro-environmental programs.